Have to say in a world today where you hear promises that a product will perform as stated this item does. I had to order this one because I couldn't find the model number on my old unit. I had to carefully cut and measure in order to get a proper fit. While cutting the cut piece fell to the ground and broke, I thought great if this panel cant handle that, then how in the world will it stand up to the intense heat of my fireplace? I went ahead and installed the pieces and followed the instructions "very important" on the manual. I have had many roaring fires since the breaking period and no cracks, no failures. This product far exceeded my expectations. This product might not handle a very mild fall without breaking but with heat, it seems to be bulletproof! I  would gladly recommend this product for anyone needing to replace there panels


Hello Doug,


I hope this imparts my appreciation for the help you provided:


Over 20+ years ago, during our home remodel project we installed a Superior Fireplace Model DV-6000. Over the years we had maintenance done, but as time went on the flame got smaller and smaller. We hired a new service company who came in and made adjustments to the unit and did improve the flame, but only for awhile. This last time, not too long ago, the service tech was here. He said that the orifice had eroded and we should not use the fireplace until a new orifice could be found and installed. He did not remove the orifice, did not take a picture of it and basically had no information about the orifice. When he called Superior they told him the part was no longer available and they did not know what part number the orifice was since they no longer kept any info about the Model DV-6000. How does the manufacturer not keep the original documentation to a product they produced? Luckily, I found Copperfield Chimney Supply and sent them an email. Doug answered the email and to make this story just unbelievable, he found the part. I bought it for $16 plus shipping sight unseen. Turns out it was the right part. Doug had nailed it on the first try. This is where this unbelievable story gets much, much better. The tips on the flames were red after installing the part and were going to be producing soot if the gas-air mixture was not corrected. The tech had adjusted the air shutter, but had no answers for correcting the issue any further. I turned to Doug with an email for assistance. Without asking for anything in return Doug emailed back specific details about the gas pressure coming into the unit along with an attachment explaining the test procedure for gas pressure. He also sent me the install and owner’s manual for the unit; this is the one that Superior did not have, and pointed out the pages numbers to gather more information that he also detailed in his email. I was shocked. I paid $16 for a small little part and I get service like I’m a VIP. Who does that? From the other testimonials I’ve read on this site it seems like Copperfield Chimney Supply has that great customer service market cornered. Thank you Doug. Thank you Copperfield Chimney Supply.



Good Morning,


I just wanted to take a moment to compliment your company on the excellent service you provided me.


I recently ordered a new refractory panel to replace one in my fireplace that was 25 years old and falling apart.


We ordered it through Amazon on 4/22, and it showed up on my doorstep in Michigan the very next day! The packaging was terrific, very secure. No damage. The product itself appears to be of high quality, better than the original.


I cut and installed it on 4/24, and am now ready for the next heating season.


I know that companies often hear complaints. I just wanted to take a moment to let you hear from a very satisfied customer. Please share with your team.




Hello my name is Dennis M. and I placed an order with Rus he was very helpful and called me back with a cheaper shipping rate. Russ went above and beyond to help me out he is the type of employee that needs to be retained, customer service is so hard to find now days. THANKYOU FOR THE GREAT SERVICE.

You guys are amazing!  That is customer service at its finest.  I'll be buying all future refractories and fireplace items from you in the future.  Thank you!  Truly impressed.



Just a note of thanks for having the parts needed for repairing our gas insert. katie was very helpful with order and when i had a question about installing you called back and offered the help i needed..thank job well done


Good morning,


We just want to say that the customer service we received from your company from Katie and Jodie was second to none!  They made sure that everything we needed was taken care of.  Not only did they fill our order but made certain that the correct part was ordered by having us send a photo of our fireplace.


It really is not that common (anymore) that superior customer service is found.  Hence, my testimonial.  It is easy to complain about something, but to make sure you let the folks that assisted you know how great they are always seems like more of an effort.


So thank you to your customer service people Katie and Jodie.


Pamela and Andrew


I recently had problems installing a valve on a gas log fireplace. Having bought the valve from Copperfield Chimney Supply I called for help. Both Karen and Doug we very helpful. Doug and I talked through many calls, and each time he was clear and courteous and knew his product inside and out!

I'm happy to report the fireplace is working, but happier still to have done business with your company and its excellent staff.

Thank you, Karen and Doug.


Alpine, Texas

Dear Katie,

All I can say is WOW and THANK YOU for such great service!  I received my fireplace doors today and have installed them.  They are perfect.  Also, I would like to tell you that Speedee Delivery Service is top notch.  I didn’t expect to receive the doors so quickly, and was pleasantly surprised.  The package was in great shape and the driver very friendly and professional.


So, thanks again for such a great experience.  I will certainly recommend your company to any of my friends or colleagues looking for quality fireplace parts.


Best Regards,


After nearly 3 weeks of exhaustive searching, Copperfield Chimney Supply was the ONLY company that was able to find this replacement pilot assembly. I talked to over 20 fireplace dealers and companies online and ALl told me this part didnt exist and id have to replace the fireplace and most couldnt even locate the model number or replacement part. They immediately suggested the coirrect part and it was installed today and i have my fireplace worki8ng again. They know what they are doing and their customer service is fantastic. If you are looking for "discontinued" fireplace parts, they can likely help you.  Pete


I received the replacement refractory and it's in great condition.  I wanted to thank you and let you know how professional your company is, that you truly stand behind your guarantee. I will not hesitate to let my family, friends and neighbors know about your company and the many products along with the guarantee that if they purchase a product and receive it broken the company will send out a replacement.


Thank you again, Laura 

Have worked with Katie and Doug over the past week.  These people were kind and jumped through hoops to help us with our fireplace.  They had no idea if we would make any sort of  purchase but still took the time to help.  That sort of help is almost unheard of in this day and age.  Thank you!   

John and Lorrie

I had been corresponding with Doug Klostermann about parts for an old gas fireplace. He was extremely helpful and spot on with the parts I needed. I ordered the parts that he indicated I would need and they worked perfectly!!


So thank you to him for all his help!


Thanks again for the outstanding customer service!!



Katie:  I am not in the habit of sending THANK YOU e-mails for purchases made on line.  I recently ordered a replacement glass door from Copperfield Chimney Supply.  I made an error in my order selecting brass trim in lieu of Stainless (my error).  I called and asked if I could exchange it for the correct trim.  Your personal, professional service, instructions and follow up e-mail impressed me to the point I feel I need to tell you how much your help was appreciated!  You can be assured I will contact Copperfield Chimney Supply for future needs based on the service YOU  provided. 

Thank you again.   – Charles, customer   


Hello Doug,




UPS delivered a box from Lennox with what I will need to modify my existing fireplace burner arrangement to their changed configuration.  I am delighted and most appreciative of your efforts on my behalf to get this straightened out.  It's clear now that at some point Lennox changed the burner configuration/design on my Merit Series Model without fully updating their parts/Model number system to reflect the configuration change, leading to their substitution of new parts which didn't fit the original burner configuration.  My many thanks and compliments to you and your staff at Copperfield Chimney Supply for dealing effectively on this to achieve a satisfactory outcome and a happy customer.  It reflects an outstanding approach to customer service which others could learn from!






Thanks for the really terrific service. I received the panel today and it is in perfect shape.
Tell your boss you deserve the day off tomorrow !

Thanks again.


This is the first time using Copperfield Chimney Supply and I am very impressed. My order arrived 2 days early and in perfect condition. I even like the carry handles on the box.

Thank you for your quick delivery, I am a customer for life.



Two things…I did check out the website again and ‘yes’ the ADD to CART option is now available at on the same page as the product photos…this will make use of your site much easier.  Second, thank you and your packaging/shipping team. The refractors arrived in excellent conditions…no cracks, chips or broken refractors…THANK YOU.



Hi Hanna,

Thank you so much. We received the doors yesterday and they were in perfect condition. I installed them and they fit perfectly. I really appreciate your attentive customer services, quick shipping and diligent packing. We couldn't be happier with our purchase!



Several weeks ago I ordered a 24 x28" refractory panel. It came promptly but I had caught the flu and it was days before I opened the container to cut it to size. When I did it was cracked in several places(shippers apparently mistreated it). I thought it was packaged very well. I called your 800 number and you prompted sent me another one, and it arrived in great shape. Thank you and I hope to do more business with you in the future.


Hi Rick, Angela here. I received the refractory panel. Excellent packing job on it! ANyhoo, I cut the panel the next day, it went smooth as glass and fit like a glove. I have ZERO experience in this type of stuff but I googled how to cut it. With your directions and google how-to videos, I saved $560.00. Two local chimney guys told me it was a very detailed extremely complicated project! They wanted to charge me just shy of 800.00! I fooled them! Thanks again!.


Thank you ! I received the panel today with no issues. I really appreciate the communication through the whole order process. The confirmation email, shipping status, etc. is exactly the type of customer service that sets companies apart from one another.

To answer your question regarding how I found your website, I simply searched on yahoo for refractory panels. Your company offered the best price and best solution to replace a panel where the original manufacturer is out of business.

Thanks again !


Don H


Thank you for everything- you were a pleasure to work with. I would be the first to recommend your company to anyone looking for a product that you offer- your professionalism and willingness to help reflect on the excellent quality of your company, as it is evident that the company employs outstanding individuals.


Hello Barb.

My husband ordered this item for our gas dryer. He researched products using the internet with Bing and Google as his search engine.
We are impressed with the way your company does business. We ordered online directly from your company. We promptly received an email confirmation of our order, then a copy of the invoice and shipment confirmation. We appreciate the level of service you provide.

This email reaffirms your commitment to your customers by seeking input to improve they way customers do business with you. Kudoos to you!!!!!


Thank you for your quick response and the update on my order. I was looking for Majestic vent pipe and used Google to search for Majestic 4" X 7" pipe and your website popped up. Your site seems to be very user friendly and has useful photos of the products I was looking for.

Thank you again,


Barb, I was most impressed with you and your web-site. Using Google, I keyed Marco fireplace glass doors. Of the list, yours was the most clear to understand and best of all.....my door was there.

I am looking forward to this new beauty...hope all goes well with the installation!!!

Thank you for your service...Good Job...Margie

I have purchased this part from you before and I also use google.
I have tried a cheap price company but canceled because you are the best with delivery time and letting customer know what actions are being taken.
thanks for the great job


I'm a fairly experienced computer and internet user (I've been online since the late 80s), and I always use Google. When I went to the Marco website, I learned they were out of business. So, I searched for "marco fireplace doors," "marco fireplace parts," "fireplace doors," and perhaps, some other phrases.

The first website I found that seemed capable of providing the doors had instructions for me to call them. I did, and learned that the doors would cost $519 -- but free shipping. I declined, and continued to search. None of the websites were impressing me -- I didn't feel confident that what they were offering was actually what I needed, or what would fit, etc. I seldom go past the first three pages of search results, and your company was not showing up there.

Finally, I typed in "marco 793410" and I had two results -- one was to your website. When I got to your website, I found it easy to use, and your use of Marco part numbers with product descriptions made me feel quite confident that I was ordering what I needed and the price was reasonable.



I used a google search and your site was the first to come up. I like your site having the pictures an dimensions of the parts it made me feel like I would get the right parts the first time. I am 99% sure i ordered the right parts for my model. I will defiantly keep your site for any future needs.

Thank you



Doors arrived today and I installed them right away. They are a perfect fit! Thanx so much for your assistance!!

Hi Barb!

Just thought I would send a quick note to let you know that the items I ordered did come this afternoon, just as you had said. This is the first time I ordered anything over the internet and I want to thank you again for making it such a good experience. If I ever get the opportunity, I will not hesitate to send any business your way.


Hi Barb---

Thank you for the shipping info and fast service! I did indeed find your website through a Google search, using the words "stainless steel chimney liner." Of the several sites I visited, yours had the best selection of what I was looking for, and was easily navigated.

Best regards,


Hi Barb,
Thank you so much for all of your help today! I found your website via google. I searched for a variety of things in search of this perfect fireplace, I don't recall what I searched for to find you. What I did enjoy about your website, and why we ended up ordering from you, was that you had a picture of the fireplace, the PRICE (which many, if not most, places don't list), and the specs (the manual AND brochure!) were very handy. The online ordering is also fantastic.
Thanks again,



Hi, just a noted to tell you the new remote control for my Insta-Flame gas fireplace arrived today. I installed it less then 15 min. and it works great. Thank you for your fast service. David

Barb, I received the Marco fireplace door set and installed them last night. They look great and were easy to install. Thanks for the great product and price. SincerelyNeal

Hi Barb, Thank you for the detailed follow-up. Per you inquiry, this order was placed after a search through Google "shopping". Although you were not the cheapest retailer listed, your site appeared to indicate you were the cheapest legitimate retailer. Having a phone number listed on your website (opposed to just an email) makes me (as a consumer) feel much more confident that any issues (should they arise) could be properly resolved. "PayPal" as the only payment option on a retailers site tends to turn me off. I generally search any unknown retailers for reviews before placing an order, and in your case, no red flags were raised during this search. ...I generally try to search the exact item...in this case it was "Skytech 3301". Hope this helps as you work to grow your online business.

Hi Barb
I used Google to find specific words, "Chimney Liner, 6" x 25', Flexible". I then read the different web sites information and pricing.
Your web site was clear on the price and that it included the shipping fee.
Another site I checked had their product for few dollars less, but the shipping info was not clear.
The tech specs were similar to other sites compared so I chose your site.
I am looking forward to receiving the liner kit and having it installed.
Please note, I am very happy to see that you are not making me wait for the shipment.
If it is as good as advertised, I may know of other people that may be in the market for a liner soon and will refer them to you.


Barb, I got the handles and they are perfect. Thanks for all the help. You and your company were a pleasure doing buisness with. I was a little worried about the doors fitting, but they worked better than I expected. You took care of the only problem I had with just one E-mail. The customer service I received was incredible! This was the best web based transaction I have ever had. If there is anything I can do to help yall out, just ask. Thanks alot and Merry Christmas! John

As my interest in wood-burning stoves had been piqued by a round of ice storms locally, I began surfing the net just to see what the market had to offer. I would like to commend your company on the web site's layout. It is by far the simplest to navigate that I have yet found; much of the info I sought could be easily obtained. Job Well Done !



I placed my order on Mon. 12/18 and received the doors on Thur. 12/21. Due to the Holiday season I didn't expect the doors till after Christmas. I've already installed them - installation was easy and they look great. Thank you for the excellent service. Friends and family will hear of the great service. Thanks again.


I took the pilot light assembly apart, cleaned out the port hole like you suggested and with some help from above, I got it back together and it is working perfectly. Thank you so much, you save me a costly service call,which I couldn't afford right now. I believe God lead me to you, because I tried to find the manufacture of the log set on the net w/o success, so I put in gas fireplace in the search engine and I looked through a few,and decided to e-mail you, coincidence? I don't think so, God bless you!My family and I will remember you warmly throughout the winter season, Thank you so much,


My husband picked upthe gas stove yesterday and everything seems to be in great order-he said it was very well packaged. The contractor is here today installing it!

I wanted to thank you-this was the exact gas stove we decided we were going to purchase at >>>>>>>Natural Gas (the local gas company). On a fluke, I decided to check the Web, and behold!
There it was --- the exact gas stove for $700.00 less! $700.00!! That will pay for most of the installation! You can see why we're so thrilled! I was a little apprehensive about the shipping (in case of damage), but overall this is one of the best sales deals I've ever had!!
As long as everything functions properly, we're good to go-so bring it on Old Man Winter! -- well, in a couple of months anyway! :) Thanks Again!


I purchased a Broilmaster Grill ebay item #279608031 and wanted to thank you for everything. We love the grill, the price was great, everyone was so helpful and I really appreciate your patience with me since it was my first trade (I'm a junkie now!). I tried toleave you feedback but the can't since we didn't meet the reserve price in the auction.

Thanks again!!!

Thanks- I believe I will order today from Barb- probably without the piping.

Last theoretical question- Any good reason not to run the piping straight through the back of the firebox wall to the outside (cut a hole through the masonry)- I certainly don't plan to use the fireplace anymore.

Thanks a lot- you really are an excellent example of everything good about e-commerce (and I should know, I am in MBA school at the Univ. of California right now, concentrating on e-commerce).








THANK YOU for your help in this matter. The repaired door looks good and fits fine. If you folks ever need anyone to be a testimony to your companies OUTSTANDING customer service...feel free to have them contact me. You all should have received the extra door by now. THANKS again!


Dear Rick,

I just wanted to let you and your employees know how pleased my husband and myself are with your service. You get a little concerned with purchasing over the Internet from companies that you know nothing about, only what they want to tell you. My husband and I shop frequently on the net, but never a purchase this large.

Just this Monday I inquired about the Dutchwest from your sales person, Traci. She was very professional and polite. I e-mailed you with a few questions about the fan and want to thank you for your prompt reply. I made the decision to purchase Tuesday morning and again I spoke with Traci. She remembered what I was interested in ordering, took my order and made everything simple and she was a pleasure to do business with.I picked up the stove today..... talk about service..... from Iowa to WV in 2 days!! It is beautiful. Can't wait to get the fire going!!! We received everything I ordered and undamaged. Thank you for your great service and great price!! It was unbeatable. I feel very comfortable in referring others to you.

Thanks again,