Flexible Gas Pipe

Before now, natural gas lines installed in our various homes were done with the black iron pipe that is bulky and this constituted some difficulty for the installer during the installation process. With the improvement in technology, new instruments have been made for the installation of natural gas lines in our various homes has been developed and this is the flexible gas pipe. This new system of gas line installation makes up for the imperfection of the old system and it has a number of benefits that can be derived from it.

In the first instance, the flexible gas pipe is not heavy and stiff as the iron pipe used previously. It is as flexible as an electric wire and the installation is similar to that of an electric wire. It is made of corrugated stainless tubing. One of the advantages of using corrugated stainless steel tubing for the installation of natural gas is that it is easy to install. The material used for the installation is not bulky and can take a number of shapes.

Just as in the electrical installation designs, there are wide ranges of designs that can be utilized in the installation process of stainless steel tubing thanks to the flexibility of the material. Besides, it is less time consuming to install the flexible gas pipe for home use. Normally, if you are using the iron pipe, you will require something to cut the pipes because of the toughness of the pipe. This is why it is time consuming to install the iron pipe. But corrugated stainless steel pipes are easier to be cut.

Besides, the installation process of the flexible gas pipe does not require any special tool since the material used is flexible and can easily be cut or bent to take the desired shaped. Heavy equipment for cutting the pipe is not required. This makes the labor easier for the installer and also cheaper for the person installing the natural gas line on his own using this flexible pipe.

One of the advantages of using a flexible gas pipe for the installation of natural gas lines is that it reduces or even eliminates the possibility of a gas leakage. The possibility of a gas leakage in the iron piping installation is higher because of the cast fittings used in joining two iron pipes together during the installation when there is a change of position. In the case of a corrugated stainless

steel pipe, there is nothing like cast fittings since the pipe can easily be bent to move it to the desired direction. It is easy to add extra gas lines in any installation done with a flexible gas pipe. However, in order to do this, a provision for additional gas lines has to be made in the original plan. There are two systems of installation in CSST installations process. They are series and parallel installations. Whichever installation system you are using, nowadays it is possible to plan for the expansion of gas lines in the future.