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A Wood Burning Stove Is One of Several Types of Stoves for Your Home

A wood burning stove is just one type of stove available for your home. Besides wood burning units, there are also gas stoves, pellet stove, corn stoves and stove inserts. Each type of stove has its own advantages and choosing the one you want to use in your home, often depends upon your own personal preferences. Some people like the smell that wood burning units give off, while other people do not want to deal with cleaning up ashes.

Maintain Proper Clearance when Installing a Wood Burning Stove

Deciding upon the placement of a wood burning stove, which is available from us, here at Copperfield Chimney Supply, for your home will depend upon which room the stove will be installed. Modern wood stoves do not require an exterior wall chimney, which allows you to place the wood stove just about anywhere, as long as you maintain proper clearance around the wood stove. Chimney venting can be ran in different ways, and even ran up through the ceilings when place in an interior location.

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