Wed, May 15, 2024

Benefits to Installing a Direct Vent Fireplace in Your Home

There are benefits to installing a direct vent fireplace in your home over other types of fireplaces. One advantage over other fireplaces is that direct vent units do not require a complicated chimney installation, which makes installation much simpler. You just need a connection to a natural gas line, which can be run from underneath the floor, allowing flexibility in the placement of the fireplace.

Venting and Using a Direct Vent Fireplace is Not Complicated

Venting a direct vent fireplace, like you can find on our website, here at Copperfield Chimney Supply, only requires a direct vent out of an exterior wall on the same floor where the fireplace is installed. Once installed, using the fireplace is not complicated. In most installations, you have different switches which control different features on the fireplace. You turn one switch on to ignite the fireplace and then turn another one to start the blower motor, which forces the heated air into the room.

Author: Rick Eudaley, Copperfield Chimney Supply Inc.
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