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Cast Iron Wood Stoves VS. Steel Wood Steel

Cast Iron Wood Stove

Cast Iron has been a popular choice in manufacturing wood stoves for many years. There are a number of advantages of using cast iron, some of those were even recognized many years ago when Ben Franklin built his first stoves. While cast iron may take a little longer to heat up, it retains the heat much longer than steel. So even after the fire has extinguished itself, there is residual heat released into the room. Additionally given the heat retention qualities of cast iron, the fire will burn at much higher temperatures inside the firebox, which will assist in obtaining complete combustion of the wood products. Cast iron also allows the manufacturer to apply a more decorative design to the stove and even porcelain coat the cast iron wood stove .

Steel Wood Stove

Steel has also been used on producing wood stoves for many years. Steel stoves are much easier to manufacturer and material costs are generally less than cast iron. The new steel stoves are very efficient and clean burning. Recent developments in the manufacturing process has enabled the steel stove manufacturer to make his stove very decorative.

Which One Should You Choose

The choice between a steel wood stove and a cast iron wood stove is pretty much a matter of personal preference. Both types of stoves are clean burning and very efficient. Some of your decision may be based on the amount you want to invest, with the steel stove generally being less than cast iron stoves. The decor of your room may also help dictate which type of stove you choose.

No matter which stove you decide on, rest assured that you will find a complete selection of cast iron wood stoves and steel wood stoves at Copperfield Chimney Supply . We can assist in you making your final decision and help you with any venting or chimney products you will need to complete your installation.

Author: Rick Eudaley, Copperfield Chimney Supply Inc.
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