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Creating An Amazing Outdoor Space For Backyard Parties

Creating An Amazing Outdoor Space For Backyard Parties

The days of dinner and backyard parties are here again as people are planning to welcome friends and families back into their homes after more than two years of social distancing. According to a recent survey, 46% of Americans are excited to entertain guests in their home, and almost 80% said that their first meal together with loved ones will not be in a restaurant, but in their own home. If you're thinking about having people over more often this year, it may be the best time to revamp your outdoor space and turn it into the ultimate place for a backyard party. With a bit of time and effort, you can have a safe place for get togethers that will impress all your guests.

Divide Your Backyard Into Zones

To create a modern, beautiful, and functional entertainment area, you'll need to divide your backyard into zones. For instance, you can have a cooking and grilling station in one area, a dining area, and a place to chill and relax . For your meal prep and cooking station, think about having an outdoor gas grill, such as the American Outdoor Grill which has a large cooking surface and an analog thermometer to ensure that your meats and veggies are cooked perfectly every single time. You could also include a refrigerator for drinks, and a small table to do prep work.

The dining area can be set up a few feet away from the grill. Consider having a long wooden table with benches upholstered in weatherproof fabric, or set up folding tables and chairs if you don't want to have large scale furniture in your yard. Meanwhile, you can set up the patio with comfy outdoor furniture to encourage guests to chat and relax over drinks and appetizers. Add a firepit, such as the Napoleon 30" Linear Patioflame Burner Kit . This kit enables you to install a working, gas-powered fire pit in a custom base to enhance the ambiance and add warmth to your outdoor lounge area. Don't forget to place mosquito repellent devices or pots of citronella plants in each zone to prevent these bugs from biting, since mosquitoes are most likely to attack at nighttime, especially during the summer months.

Let There be Light

Good lighting can create a wonderful ambiance for your party, so don't forget this important element when revamping your backyard. Place a few LED landscape torches or lanterns on the ground for drama, then hang up some paper lanterns over the dining area. Add some candles on the tables, and light the fire pit for added illumination and warmth. Finish by stringing low voltage fairy lights on a few trees or plants to give your backyard a festive feel.

Turn Up the Music

A party needs good music, so make sure to have a few devices that will enable your guests to enjoy some tunes in your backyard. It can be anything from a sound bar connected via Bluetooth to your Spotify playlist, or a proper sound system setup in the patio, but make sure that it's protected from the elements in case of a sudden downpour. Do a test run to ensure that your music can be heard in all of the zones, but it shouldn't be too loud since it can cause a disturbance in your neighborhood.

The days of virtual get togethers are over, so get ready to welcome your loved ones back into your home. Consider these tips to create an amazing outdoor space for backyard parties, and enjoy entertaining family and friends at home.

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