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Fireplace safety easy but vital

A cozy fire in the fireplace sure helps beat the winter chill. But improper installation or operation can turn a fireplace into a definite hazard that can be prevented with proper preparation.

The first and most critical factor in the case of wood burning fireplace is the chimney. The chimney must be clean and free of creosote contaminants. Creosote is the main source of fuel for a chimney fire. Chimney fires can cause extreme damage to your home and should be avoided at all cost. Having your chimney professionally cleaned and inspected is one way to assure you will not have a problem. Commercial chemicals are available for removing creosote from the chimney but nothing will be as complete as brushing the chimney.

If your chimney does not draft properly due to improper installation or improper operation of your appliance, that can also lead to serious problems. Obviously if you are burning wood and your chimney does not draft correctly, you will see and smell smoke. Carbon monoxide, emitted from gas appliances, is odorless and you cannot see it so a carbon monoxide detector should be employed in the home.

Glass fronted fireplace currently have a "screen barrier" which helps prevent children from getting serious burns from touching the glass front. Older fireplaces do no have the screen barrier so other methods should be taken to prevent children from touching the glass front. Folding fireplace screens are a good protection method for older fireplaces.

With a few precautions taken, the fireplace can be a beautiful center place in the home providing many hours of relaxing ambiance and heat.

Author: Copperfield Chimney Supply
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