Wed, May 15, 2024

Installing a Wood Stove Insert is Efficient and Safe

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that you install an EPA certified wood stove insert in place of your old brick fireplace to reduce smoke and increase efficiency of wood burned in your home. Due to the open nature of traditional fireplaces, much of the potential energy of your fuel is wasted; they also create smoke both indoors, and out. Abundant smoke is a health risk to everyone, affecting our friends outside our home and our family within.

Wood Stove Inserts can be Cheaper than Other Alternatives

When selecting an insert for your fireplace, it is wise to look at all of your options before deciding exactly what you would like. While gas, natural or propane, has become more accessible in recent times, it is still not free. Wood, on the other hand, can be free, short of a little manual labor that is. Many people still choose a wood stove insert because of this reason, and here at Copperfield Chimney Supply we offer the best in Majestic and Napoleon inserts to meet your needs.

Author: Rick Eudaley, Copperfield Chimney Supply Inc.
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