Wed, May 15, 2024

Some General Contractors Prefer Gas Fireplaces over Wood Fireplaces

You will find that some general contractors prefer to install gas fireplaces over wood fireplaces with new home constructions. The reason they prefer gas units is they do not require a chimney to be ran out the top of the home. Instead gas units only require a direct vent to the outside, which can be on the same level as the fireplace. The direct vent draws in air from the outside while forcing out harmful air from using the fireplace.

You Will Find both Modern and Traditional Styles of Gas Fireplaces

While there are many different styles of modern looking gas fireplaces available, there are also traditional looking styles available, like those found on our website, here at Copperfield Chimney Supply. These traditional looking styles look just like wood burning styles which provide a rustic look and beauty to the room of the home where you install the fireplace. Visitors to your home may find it difficult to determine whether you have a gas or wood burning fireplace just by looking at the unit.

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