3PVP-ADFM | 3" PelletVent Pro Male Flex Adaptor

3PVP-ADFM | 3" PelletVent Pro Male Flex Adaptor

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Inventory ID: COP77122

3" PelletVent Pro Male Flex Adaptor 3PVP-ADFM This flex adaptor (male) is used to connect PelletVent Pro to BioFlex when relining a masonry chimney. Only approved for use with BioFlex. Use with pellet oil corn and bio-fuel appliances Laser-welded super ferritic stainless steel inner walls and galvalume outer walls Outer diameter is 5/8" larger than inner diameter 1" clearance to combustibles No additional gaskets or sealants needed The precise fit of twist-lock connections is fast secure and leak-resistant. Adaptability is provided by swivel elbow connections and multiple termination options Laser-welded double-wall pipe with a .012†inner wall of corrosion resistant stainless steel and a .018†laser-welded galvalume outer wall. Painted black exterior available. Primary metal-to-metal connection seals joint. Encapsulated O-ring provides a secondary seal.

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