3PVP-AIK | 3" PelletVent Pro Fresh Air Intake Kit

3PVP-AIK | 3" PelletVent Pro Fresh Air Intake Kit

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3" PelletVent Pro Fresh Air Intake Kit 3PVP-AIK This fresh air intake kit allows fresh air into an existing pellet stove installation that had been using inside air. Allows an installer to decide the best possible location for the air intake vent not the same location as the wall thimble. The 2" diameter flex hose expands to approximately 10'. Kit includes: faceplate with screen moisture barrier aluminum flex and two clamps. Use with pellet oil corn and bio-fuel appliances Laser-welded super ferritic stainless steel inner walls and galvalume outer walls Outer diameter is 5/8" larger than inner diameter 1" clearance to combustibles No additional gaskets or sealants needed The precise fit of twist-lock connections is fast secure and leak resistant. Adaptability is provided by swivel elbow connections and multiple termination options Laser-welded double-wall pipe with a .012” inner wall of corrosion resistant stainless steel and a .018” laser-welded galvalume outer wall. Painted black exterior available. Primary metal-to-metal connection seals joint. Encapsulated O-ring provides a secondary seal.

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