6DP-RCS | 6" DuraVent DuraPlus Round Ceiling Support

6DP-RCS | 6" DuraVent DuraPlus Round Ceiling Support

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6" DuraVent DuraPlus Round Ceiling Support 6DP-RCS This round ceiling support supports chimney pipe and provides a positive connection between support box and chimney with a built-in twist-lock. Supports up to 35' of DuraPlus Chimney. Use adaptor to attach DVL or DuraBlack to the support box. Painted black. Trim collar included. Use when air-cooled chimney is required Free-floating inner 430-alloy liner maintains structural integrity in chimney fires 2" clearance to combustibles Outer diameter is 4" larger than inner diameter Triple-wall chimney For uses with wood stoves fireplaces furnaces boilers stoves ranges water heaters or other appliances fueled by wood oil coal or gas Clean smooth exterior finish .016” 430 stainless steel outer wall or .018” galvanized steel outer wall. .018” aluminized steel intermediate liner. .016” 430 stainless steel inner liner. Insulated layers plus ventilated air space. Locks tightly with a precision twist-lock connection.

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